Verifying Oconee’s registry of sex offenders

On Monday and Tuesday of this past week, the Oconee Sheriff’s Office and the U-S Marshal’s Service carried out a joint operation to verify the addresses of 156 registered sex offenders who are believed to live in Oconee County. After a briefing held at Seneca’s Gignilliat Community Center, the deputies paired with a marshal to begin to verify the addresses. During that, the Seneca police arrested Mormon Church Road resident Cynthia Renee Brooks for the alleged offense of failing to register a third time. Of 156 addresses, the officers from the two law enforcement entities verified 137. The U-S Marshal’s Service serves as the lead agency for investigating violations of sex offender registrations, under what’s known as the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. It works to locate and apprehend fugitive sex offenders. Offenders who fail to register or keep their registration current may be subject to up to 10 years and up to 30 years imprisonment if they commit a crime of violence.