VOSO speaks out about solid waste bill

An organization that looks out for the interests of southern Oconee County is asking its members to contact State Senator Thomas Alexander about a controversial solid waste bill that’s moving from one legislative chamber to the other in Columbia. According to the Voice of Southern Oconee, it’s clear that many South Carolinians don’t want the bill. Opponents say it’ll take away a county’s ability to provide lower-cost solid waste disposal and potentially leave it to large national companies. Awaiting a vote in the state’s upper legislative chamber in January is Senate Bill 203. The VOSO announcement states, “This bill was supported by all three of the State House of Representatives with responsibility for the areas in and around Oconee – Rep Don Bowen, Rep Bill Sandifer, and Rep Bill Whitmire. None of them shared with us the specifics as to why they feel that this bill is good for South Carolina.” If the bill passes in the Senate, it’ll require a Governor Haley signature before it can become law.