Voters urged to sign up for June 10 primaries

If you are a South Carolinian eligible to vote and have yet to register, you are urged to prepare for the state’s primaries on June 10. State and local voter registration and elections officials will spend the month of May drawing attention to the effort to increase registration and to educate voters on candidates. Governor Haley has declared May as Voter Education Month. South Carolina started online voter registration in 2012 and claims it is one of 13 states that offer true online registration. Anyone eligible with a driver’s license or DMV I-D card can register at Marci Andino, the state election commission director, today unveiled the state’s online, personalized sample ballot. Through, voters can now access their personal sample ballot showing the specific offices and candidates—along with any questions on their ballot. Officials also remind voters that the new photo I-D rules are in effect.