Votes added, order of finish unchanged

The Oconee Election Commission has certified the votes cast in this week’s special primary for Seat Three, Oconee County Council. A handful of votes were added to each candidate’s total, but the order of finish remains unchanged. It means that Andy Inabinet is now the official winner of Tuesday’s primary. This morning three votes were added to Inabinet’s tally, giving him a total of 447 votes. The consideration of ten provisional ballots gave Inabinet’s opponent, Paul Cain, an additional six votes—allowing Cain to finish with 415. A total of 32 votes officially separated the two candidates in what was one of Oconee’s smallest voter participation elections. The result means that Inabinet’s name will go on the ballot for a special election next month to confirm that he will fill what then will be remaining six-plus months of the District Three term of the late Archie Barron. Though Inabinet will be the only ballot candidate May 20, elections director Joy Brook write-in votes will be permitted. Inabinet and Cain are not through competing, however, as both men are signed up to run in the June primary. That vote is to decide their party’s nomination to run for the full, four-year term in November.