Walhalla goes thru the water!

After a major rehabilitation project, the Walhalla Municipal Swim Pool enjoyed a short, but satisfying late summer season—with the hope that the pool will operate for a full summer season next year. In the meantime, however, pool water is disappearing, and no one at last night’s City Hall meeting could explain why. “There’s no telling where it’s going,” said John Galbreath, recreation director. So far, there’s no evidence of a leak. Galbreath conceded a point to Mayor Danny Edwards that some of the water may have been lost to evaporation, but certainly, he said, not nearly the amounts that the pool is losing. The mayor and council last night also discussed how the city will maintain the pool over the winter to avoid weather damage. The city water system provided as much as one-quarter of a million gallons of water for fire fighters last month to put out the Presbyterian Church fire. Chief Doug Kelley last night spoke with pride and gratitude about the effort to confine the fire to the ceiling and roof. And for that, he credited, three ladder extension trucks that shot water on a downward arc onto the fire.