Walhalla to get new city councilman perhaps soon!

Walhalla will get a new city councilman, apparently even before the November election. Danny Woodward is the only ballot candidate to fill an unexpired term and, according to an Oconee election worker, faces no declared write-in opposition from anyone who had a two-week period from the closing of filing to emerge. So, it means Woodward’s name won’t even appear on the November 5 ballot and he’ll automatically begin serving the approximate two years left in the term vacated by James Powell’s resignation in June. In the estimation of City Administrator Nancy Goehle, Woodward will have the choice of taking office now or waiting until January 1, when the winners of the November election may start their terms. Until the election process sorts itself out, Walhalla is down to a four-member council instead of its full six-seats.