From the Morning Show Files: Was there a CIA connection to Jimmy Hoffa’s murder?

In bookstores, a new biography of Pennsylvania mob boss Russell Bufalino presents a possible explanation for why Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975, was killed by the Mafia. Journalist Matt Birkbeck writes in his book, The Quiet Don, that there was a connection to the CIA. Birkbeck writes that it was Bufalino, who controlled the garment industry in New York and Philadelphia and the Teamsters union and its leader, Hoffa, who ordered the hit. The same claim was made in the 2004 Mafia memoir, I Heard You Paint Houses, in which mob hitman Frank Sheeran said he killed Hoffa on Bufalino’s order. However, Birkbeck’s new revelation is the claim that Bufalino was upset by a 1975 Time magazine article that for the first time linked him to the CIA’s attempts to enlist the Mafia to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Birkbeck says Bufalino ordered Hoffa killed because he was afraid that he would tell Senate investigators what he knew about the failed plot.