Water quality awareness

On a day when an environmental mishap has closed a main artery of Clemson, word comes of a new effort in Pickens and Anderson counties to gauge the public’s awareness of water-quality. Specifically, one question a survey seeks to answer is, “Do you know what happens to local rivers and streams if lawns are over-fertilized or motor oil is washed down storm drains?” Carolina Clear, Clemson University’s stormwater pollution education and awareness program, will undertake phone surveys in the next four weeks to learn the public’s understanding about water quality and the effects their actions can have on it. The goal of students asking the questions will be 400 surveys designed to last no longer than 15 minutes. “Whether we know it or not, we all generate polluted runoff,” said Katie Giacolone, Carolina Clear’s coordinator. “From not picking up after our dogs to coolant that drips from our car, stormwater is people pollution and we all can play a meaningful role in keeping South Carolina’s waters clean.