Westminster to take up member cities resolution

Seneca and Walhalla have already had a lot to say about Joint Regional Sewer Authority resolution 2013-22. Now it’s going to be Westminster’s chance. City Administrator David Smith says he will lay out the two-and-a-half-page document for the consideration of his city’s elected leaders during tomorrow night’s December meeting of the Westminster City Council. By approving the resolution Westminster, as a member city of the JRSA, would agree to release Oconee County from a five-year old agreement that requires the county to pay the JRSA $610 thousand a year “to assist the Authority and expand the sewer system in the unincorporated areas of Oconee County….” Seneca’s Greg Dietterick favors rescinding the agreement to allow the county to apply the money to contract for sewer work—such as the current agreement to run lines from the treatment plant to the Golden Corner Commerce Park.