WGOG’s Backup Plan

Given the likely-hood of a significant snowfall and the possibility of the interruption of our signal, WGOG has devised a backup plan of operation in order to keep our listeners better informed in during this  severe weather threat. In the event WGOG’s signal is interrupted due to our transmitter, WGOG will begin streaming via wgog.com’s “Listen Live” link.

When our tower accumulates significant ice, our transmitter, as a fail-safe, begins to reduce power. While the technical explanation can be complicated, accumulating ice on the broadcast antennas cause power to be reflected back into the transmitter. As a precaution, the transmitter “knows” to reduce power. If the reflected power becomes too much, the transmitter will then shut itself off, to prevent permanent damage to itself.

While we take measures to ensure our signal, times like this can cause situations such as the “fail-safe” or even power loss at our transmitter site.  Therefore, in the event of the failure at our transmitter site, WGOG will stream our content to try to assure our listeners get the important information they need.

If necessary, the stream will be turned on, and listeners can simply click the “Listen Live” link using their home computer. You can also listen via smartphone by using the Tunein Radio app. Simply search for WGOG once you’ve downloaded the app.

We intend to make every effort to keep our listeners informed during this potentially dangerous weather situation.