What’s to become of 502 E. Main?

What is to become of the old house that, for decades, served as ground zero for advancing the economic development interests of Oconee County? We asked County Councilman Archie Barron. And today he told us, “No action has been taken on this house. The committee has not received a recommendation from the administrator.” Barron chairs the council’s real estate and public grounds committee and predicts 502 E. Main Street will come up at the next meeting of his committee. He hinted to 96.3/WGOG NEWS that, without a use for the old house, the county ought to sell it, so that it can go back onto the city and the county’s tax rolls. The Economic Development Office recently abandoned its Walhalla office for its recent move to a new building on Seneca’s 123 By-Pass, where it believes it will be better able to carry out its mission. County economic development is in the process of a sea change, as it merges with the public-private partnership Oconee Alliance.