White-tailed deer on the roam!

A state deer biologist says white-tailed deer are constantly on the roam, and motorists across South Carolina should be constantly aware. “As the states’ human population increases and more people move to the country which increases commuting traffic, increases in deer-human encounters should be expected,” said Charles Ruth, DNR Deer/Turkey Program Coordinator. White-tailed deer are masters at evading predators, according to Ruth. However, those same predator-avoidance instincts often cause deer to bolt in front of oncoming vehicles. Despite a persistent rumor, neither the SC Department of Natural Resources nor any other state agency will compensate motorists for injuries or damages resulting from deer collisions. Besides practicing safe and defensive driving techniques, each motorist should carry adequate collision and comprehensive insurance. Always anticipate deer if you see one or more crossing the highway and do not expect the deer to get out of the way.