Why 2-9-64 so special to Marty McKee

If in Oconee County there’s a greater fan of the Fab Four, or the Mop Tops, from a grimy English seaside city, other than Marty McKee, well, let that person stand…and come to the fore. For McKee, there are a number of reasons to explain why he could claim such a title. He’s a walking authority on all things Beatles. He has been to the birthplace of the quartet that changed pop music forever. For another, Marty McKee was born February 9, 1964—the day that the Beatles made their first American appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. McKee was only early grammar school age when the extraordinary run of the Beatles disbanded, so his devotion to them and the music wasn’t whetted until a later experience when a cousin played an original copy of “She Loves You.” From the love song period, through the intellectual music period of the albums “Help” and “Rubber Soul”, through the mind-altering period of “Sgt. Pepper’s” and “Magical Mystery Tour” and before the group’s dysfunctional period of “The White Album” and the group’s final albums, McKee has been one of the Beatles’ great fans and authorities, as an interview proved here at 96.3/WGOG. Excerpts from that interview are airing today on 96.3/WGOG and on “Flash Back Friday” with Kris Butts and Don Seigler.