Why Oconee has a 9-1-1 sign law

At the start of a new year, Oconee County stresses the importance of those reflective signs with house numbers in the front yards of many homes countywide. Scott Krein, director of Emergency Services, says those signs help responders find your home in the event of emergency. “We have all been frustrated when trying to go by some poorly written directions and a house number, but never finding the house on the first try.” And that is why, Krein says, Oconee County has a 9-1-1 sign law in place. The ordinance requires all houses and businesses to post address number signs at the main entrance, so that they can be seen from the street, as well as being posted on a sign in the yard if the building is more than 50 feet from the road. A flier, available through Oconee Emergency Services, spells out how residents can make their own signs or purchase them for a $20 fee that includes installation. For more information, call 864/638-4200.