Why those yellow buses still on the roads

Oconee School District came out with a reminder today of why those yellow buses are still on the roads.  Regular classes ended in early June, but the buses can still be seen in the morning and in the afternoon, picking up students for summer sessions.   The district sponsors one Summer Reading Camp for each attendance area. In the Walhalla area, the camp was held at James M. Brown Elementary, the Seneca area camp was at Blue Ridge Elementary and the Westminster area camp was at Orchard Park. The camp provides reading, writing, research, and exploration activities for second and third-grade students. “Although the main goal of the camp is to increase reading fluency and comprehension through project-based learning,” said Pam Chambers, lead SRC teacher at JMB, “we want the students to have so much fun they forget they are learning!” An average of 40 students attended SRC at James M. Brown Elementary, 66 attended at Blue Ridge, and 31 attended at Orchard Park.