Woodward a Streetscape supporter

Unless an unexpected write-in campaign emerges and changes the outcome, Danny Woodward can count the days until he fills an empty seat on Walhalla City Council. And when that day comes, the holdover mayor and council members will find that when it comes to Streetscape they’ll have a supporter in Woodward. He lives just down Main Street from where a four-block area is to be re-worked. “I do believe that the city of Walhalla needs a little facelift. I think it’ll be a great thing for the city to attract more businesses….I noticed in my travels around that a lot of the towns are doing the same kind of thing,” he said in an interview with 96.3/WGOG NEWS.” Woodward’s daughter, Jennifer Crawford, is one of the candidates for the contested council seats in the November election. If Crawford is re-elected, Woodward said he foresees no problems in working toward what’s best for the city—even if father and daughter don’t see eye-to-eye on an issue.