‘Y’ makes a pitch to Walhalla

Walhalla is a city looking for a new drinking water source, along with raising money to reopen its swimming pool. Tonight the mayor and council received a pitch from officials of Foothills YMCA organization, who want to establish an indoor pool and other physical fitness facilities at a central location in Oconee County. The Y’s Fred Stutsman announced that he’s hopeful negotiations for the purchase of 27 acres in Bountyland, across from the Catholic church, will succeed shortly. Once the deal is in place, “Y” officials plan to call a meeting of county, municipal, hospital, and school leaders to begin to determine what levels of partnerships are possible to help pay for the cost, which is estimated in the millions. Because of the need to teach children to swim, Oconee School District may be willing to put forth as much as $3.5 million toward an aquatic center, to which students would be bused for swimming and swimming instruction.