You can sport a tattoo, but….

You can wear tattoos and still work in the Oconee public school system. But Dr. Mike Lucas, superintendent, says an applicant would be wise to make sure the body art doesn’t detract from a professional appearance. Lucas this week responded to an email from a student doing a research project. Lucas told her: “There’s no prohibition of tattoos in our district dress code….I’ve hired folks with tattoos (both teachers and support staff), but the body art did not detract from a professional appearance. I always try to get the very best (the most qualified/competent) for the job, and lots of things are considered when making employment decisions. An individual’s appearance may influence hiring decisions when body art detracts or draws attention away from the knowledge and skill of the applicant.” Research indicates about 30% of Americans under 34 have some kind of body art. But Lucas says, “Young people should carefully consider how this might impact future employment.